Countdown to ‘Cuse: Finding Out My Housing Assignment

By Cassie Dagostino, incoming freshman in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the College of Arts and Sciences, continuing this guest series following the July 19 post.

Friday was a day that reminded me a a lot of my entire college application process, as I sat there consistently refreshing my email waiting to hear the news. But, this time, it wasn’t the wait to hear whether or not I had been accepted, now it was the wait to hear my housing assignment for my first year at Syracuse.

I know this may seem minuscule in comparison to the first email I awaited, but this email made everything seem much more real, and much more exciting!

I already knew my roommate, who by the way is amazing, and now we finally were able to find out where we’re living and who our floor-mates are going to be.

Clicked the email, logged into Myslice: split-double in Brewster! It’s part of the BBB (Brewster, Boland,  and Brockway) complex.

At first I was a little discouraged to be placed in BBB since it’s a 20-minute walk to the SU quad or a ride on the shuttle. Then, I realized that living in BBB is going to be a great experience. Three all freshman buildings + one of the best dining centers + amazing classmates + the seclusion from campus that gives us a community feel = a good time.

Logged out of Myslice, closed the email, and logged into Facebook: tons of notifications from other students posting on the SU Class of 2016 Facebook page full of excitement about finding out their roommates and buildings, groups being made for every building  so everyone can find their neighbors, and friend requests from other people living in the same building.

The idea of college beginning in only three short weeks is finally sinking in. And now, since I found out my housing assignment, I can spend those three weeks preparing for the move and getting to know the people that will be moving there with me.

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